Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce that November, 14 ended 14th International Folklore Competition «GRAND PRIX INTERFOLK»!

We sincerely congratulate all the participants on the well-deserved awards!

We wish you creative success and new victories!

You can find all the points and awards in the results document!

You can see full information about the groups and all the performances of the participants in our group on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/574577847046541

Good luck to everyone and see you next year!

(Document available for download)

Organizing Committee of the Competition

The Centre of International Cooperation – “Inter Aspect”
with support of

The date of the next competitions:

November, 11 — 14, 2021
November, 10 — 13, 2022


14th International Folklore Competition

«Grand-Prix INTERFOLK»

November, 11 – 14, 2021. St. Petersburg, Russia

Format: «REMOTE»



  • Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg
  • Committee for International Relations of St. Petersburg
  • European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF)
  • Centre of International Cooperation «Inter Aspect»
  • with support of World Association of Folklore Festivals (WAFF)


Dear friends!

We invite you to take part in the 14th International Folklore Competition «Grand-Prix INTERFOLK»» from 11 to 14 November 2021 in St. Petersburg (Russia).

The Competition is aimed at promoting the interaction between cultures in the field of folk art. The main idea is to further the cross-enrichment of cultures and promote international cultural cooperation as well as to hand national traditions down to younger generations, so that they would keep the national heritage and develop new forms of intercultural dialogue.



  • Soloists and vocal groups performing folklore music: choirs and ensembles (no age limit);
  • Soloists and dance groups performing traditional and folklore dances (no age limit);
  • Soloists and instrumental groups: orchestras and ensembles, performing folk music (no age limit);
  • Groups enacting parts of folk ceremonies, rituals, popular games, etc. (no age limit).



  • The deadline for application and materials is October, 25,
  • Placement of information materials from 8 to 10 November, 2021 on Facebook platform in group https://www.facebook.com/groups/574577847046541
  • Period of the competition from 11 to 14 November, 2021;
  • Announcement of all final results on November, 15, 2021.



  • The competition is open to all soloists and teams that submitted all necessary documents not later October, 25, 2021 by e-mail: interfolk@mail.ru and paid the competition fee.
  • Each group/soloist can participate in one or more categories.
  • The participating group/soloist provides to the Organizing committee the following information:

– Introduction of the group/soloist (CV) (in English; max 20 lines),

– Color photo of the group/soloist.

  • The participating group/soloist provides competitive material:
  • One (1) or two (2) folklore compositions in the selected category, with a total duration not more than 10 minutes for group and not more 8 minutes for soloist.
  • On receiving the application, the Organizing Committee will send a special competition entry form to fill out: full titles of compositions, as well as LINKS to the recordings of the competition program.
  • Each participant has to post the recordings on YouTube channel (!) and send only links to it.
  • With their application, the groups/soloists agree to the rules and conditions of the competition as well as using photo and video materials for publication on the competition website: http://en.interfolk.ru/ and on Facebook platform in group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/574577847046541
  • All materials will be published on Facebook platform in group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/574577847046541



  • The competition is allowed to make video recordings of a live performance, (without editing elements, gluing frames, overlaying audio tracks).
  • The competition is not allowed to stop the operation of the camcorder while recording one piece of performance.
  • The video recordings should not be older than 2 years (preferably in 2019, 2020, 2021).



CATEGORY А: soloists and vocal folklore groups, authentic folklore (choirs and ensembles)

А-1 – folklore groups/soloists, authentic folklore, age 7–12

А-2 – folklore groups/soloists, authentic folklore, age 13–17

A-3 – folklore groups/soloists, authentic folklore, age 18–45

A-4 – folklore groups/soloists, authentic folklore, the age after 45

CATEGORY B: soloists, choirs and ensembles with modern arrangement of folklore music

B-1 – modern arrangement of folklore music, age 7–12

B-2 – modern arrangement of folklore music, age 13–17

B-3 – modern arrangement of folklore music, age 18–45

B-4 – modern arrangement of folklore music, the age after 45

CATEGORY С: soloists and mixed ensembles (vocal-instrumental-dances)

С-1 – soloists/ mixed ensembles, age 7–12

С-2 – soloists/mixed ensembles, age 13–17

С-3 – soloists/mixed ensembles, age 18–45

С-4 – soloists/mixed ensembles, the age after 45

CATEGORY D: soloists and choreographic ensembles and pairs (folklore dances)

D-1 – soloists/ choreographic ensembles and pairs, age 7–12

D-2 – soloists/choreographic ensembles and pairs, age 13–17

D-3 – soloists/choreographic ensembles and pairs, age 18–45

D-4 – soloists/choreographic ensembles and pairs, the age after 45

CATEGORY E: soloists and instrumental ensembles and orchestras (folklore music)

E-1 – soloists/instrumental ensembles and orchestras, age 7–12

E-2 – soloists/instrumental ensembles and orchestras, age 13–17

E-3 – soloists/instrumental ensembles and orchestras, age 18–45

E-4 – soloists/instrumental ensembles and orchestras, the age after 45

Every group can include other age of participants but no more than 20% from full group



The competition is evaluated by a jury consisting of professional specialists in various fields of folklore art.

EACH GROUP/SOLOIST GETS ONE ASSESSMENT FROM 0 TO 10 POINTS FOR THE COMPETITION PERFORMANCE. Team/soloist can get maximum 30 points from 3 jury members.

The decisions of the jury are final and may not be legally challenged.

The jury evaluates the participants according to the following criteria:

  • Performing skills. Technique/perfection.
  • Artistic merit (imagery and image creation, message, emotionality, artistry).
  • Presentation (stage design and stage direction, repertoire choice, costumes, ethnography for category A).



Places Points Prizes
GRAND PRIX 30 (or highest score in each category but no less then

27 points)



1st Degree Winner (1st place) 2529 Diploma of the 1st degree Laureate
2nd Degree Winner (2nd place) 2124 Diploma of the 2nd degree Laureate
3rd Degree Winner (3rd place) 15 – 20 Diploma of the 3rd degree Laureate
Diplomant (4th place) 10 – 14 Diploma of the Diplomant
Diploma of participation 1 – 9 Diploma of participation



– For the best stage production of folklore composition.

– For the best modern processing of folklore material.

– For the best musical accompaniment of the program.

– For the artistry in the performance of the competitive program.

– For the best national costume of the competition.

– For the best soloist of the competition (selected from the soloists of groups).

– For the best stage costume of the competition.

– For the preservation of national traditions.

The jury has the right to award additional prizes or not to award the above prizes.



The group have to pay the competition fee for each category.

Soloist – 20 euro

Couples (duets) – 25 euro (per couple)

Trios and quartets– 35 euro (per group)

Ensemble from 5 to 12 people – 40 euro (per group)

Ensemble from 13 to 19 people 50 euro (per group)

Ensemble from 20 people and more – 60 euro (per group)

Payment documents for remittance will be sent after submitting the application.

Electronic versions of Diplomas will be sent after the announcement of the results.

Points of the jury can be sent by request of leaders.



Festival website: http://en.interfolk.ru/

Organizers website: http://interfestplus.ru/en/

E-mail: interfolk@mail.ru

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/574577847046541