10thInternational Folklore Festival
«INTERFOLK in Russia»

November 10 – 14, 2017, Saint Petersburg
November 14 – 18, 2018, Saint Petersburg
November 13 – 17, 2019, Saint Petersburg

Appeals to the guests and participants of the festival



Dear organizers, participants and guests of the festival!

I am sincerely glad to welcome you to the 10th International Folklore Festival “INTERFOLK in Russia” — a colorful event in the cultural life of St. Petersburg.

Over three centuries of its history, St. Petersburg has shaped an unique ethno-cultural neighborhood of different peoples. Today, in our city, representatives of more than 130 nationalities live in peace and harmony. They preserve and develop their history, cultural heritage, thereby enriching the St. Petersburg society.

Each nation has its age-old traditions, its cultural features that also make St. Petersburg, Russia and the world so bright and colorful. Russian philosopher and artist Nikolai Roerich compared the diversity of cultures with the branches of a single sacred tree, whose roots hold the world. It is very important in modern conditions not to let any of these branches to get lost, our main goal is to preserve the ethno-cultural diversity. Only the mutual respect of cultures and traditions will ensure our moving forward. The International Folklore Festival “INTERFOLK in Russia” helps to achieve these goals, bringing together the talented people of different nationalities. This is a special space, a symbol of unity, peace, commonwealth and prosperity of our peoples and countries.

I wish the Festival success and prosperity, and its participants — creative inspiration and brilliant victories!

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for inter-ethnic relations

and migration policy of St. Petersburg V.Ya. Okrushko


Dear participants, honorable organizers, dear guests of the festival!


It is a great honor for me to congratulate you on the occasion of the jubilee tenth edition of the International Folklore Festival “Interfolk in Russia”. For all those years the festival has become one of the most important events in the huge family of the European Association of Folklore Festivals — EAFF.

Thousands of participants that have been on the stage of this festival, carry the enormous wealth of the shared culture and folk diversity of various nations in their hearts and create conditions for tolerance and respect among them.

Folklore is the spiritual essence, the guardian of the virtues of the nations, the wisdom and hope of the people for the good, and “Interfolk in Russia” is proof of this.

The knowledge left by our ancestors and enriched by the spirit of today’s generation is the building block of tolerance and respect among nations. The identity of every nation is an important part of world knowledge and its preservation is the key to the development and stability of every society.

I wish everyone health and successful performance! I wish the participants — awards, new friends and unforgettable moments. I wish the organizers — creative uplift and successful work, and the spectators — pleasant minutes with the best of the world of folklore!

Good luck!

President of the European Association of Folklore Festivals — EAFF

Official Partner of UNESCO

Kaloyan Nikolov


Dear Folklore Friends,

Festivals nowadays are the strongest movements in rapprochement of nations through the presentation and introduction of different cultures and traditions. The mission of each festival is building bridges of cooperation between different cultures, better mutual understanding and acquiring friendships.

The International Festival «INTERFOLK in Russia» is one of the most important festivals in Europe. This year, when the festival celebrates a small jubilee of 10 years of existence, I wish many more years of successful work and successful festival experiences.

It is a great pleasure for us to be part of this festival for which we sincerely thank you.

I wish all participants of the festival successful festival evenings, positive energy and wonderful days spent in the beautiful St. Petersburg.

Vice-President of World Festival Association

Zoran Strezovski


Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you to the 10th International Folklore Festival “INTERFOLK in Russia”.

For many years the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg has cooperated with the Organizing Committee of the Festival, being the venue for this amazing and colorful holiday of national cultures and folklore. Every year the events of the Festival take place to a full house, which is not surprising:

St. Petersburg viewers have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics, traditions and cultural riches of different countries and peoples,

to see the best creative teams, to discover new names and genres, to enjoy the great heritage of Russian culture.

One of the most significant functions of art is in the diversity of cultures and nationalities to preach the idea not of disunion, but of union. I wish the organizers and participants of the Festival and to keep on honorably serving the cause of supporting people’s original creativity, promoting the idea of respect for other cultures, for self-expression and manifestation of human individuality.

Head of the Administration of the Frunzensky District of St. Petersburg

V.V. Sapozhnikov


Dear friends!

From the bottom of my heart I welcome the participants, organizers and guests of the 10th International Folklore Festival «INTERFOLK in Russia»! Your event has long been one of the long-awaited events in the cultural life of St. Petersburg, turning into a true holiday of national cultures, folk dances, songs and ceremonial folklore, folk costumes. Here an amazing atmosphere of creative unity reigns, of search and joy from meeting like-minded people.

The geography of the participation in the «INTERFOLK» is immense: South America and South-East Asia, Western and Eastern Europe and, of course, our vast Russia. Such vivid, large-scale events fully reflect the unflagging interest in folk art all over the world. It is the national culture in all its diversity that is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for talented, not indifferent, creative people, bringing harmony and beauty to this world.

I wish all participants of the festival the joy of creativity, interesting meetings and new friends! Let these days remain in your memory for a long time, and the experience gained become a guide for future victories!

Director of the St. Petersburg House of Nationalities

E.A. Kuznetsova


I am sincerely glad to welcome the participants, organizers and honored guests of the 10th International Festival «INTERFOLK in Russia», which traditionally takes place in our multinational cultural capital – St. Petersburg!

The Russian Ethnographic Museum has assembled unique collections of household items, costumes, illustrations, photographic materials and manuscripts that reveal the diverse world of the folk culture. The ethnic identity is most distinctly reflected in the musical creativity of peoples in their songs, dances, rituals.

In this regard, it is extremely important that for the fifth time the participants of the «INTERFOLK in Russia» festival will present their art of dancing and singing in the Russian Ethnographic Museum.

I congratulate the organizers and participants on this anniversary, I wish you creative success and further development!

Director of the Russian Museum of Ethnography

V.M. Grusman


Dear organizers, participants and guests of the anniversary festival!

I am sincerely glad to welcome you to the 10th International Folklore Festival «INTERFOLK in Russia»! The festival is rightly considered a vivid example of international cultural cooperation and takes a leading position among similar events in our city.

In this season, St. Petersburg again warmly opens its gates to the artistic teams from Russia and around the world. Thanks to the high creative potential of the participants of the festival, we again have an opportunity to get to know the cultural heritage of the peoples of the world, as well as to recall the age-old Russian traditions, which are given a worthy place at the event. I am glad that the cadets of the Nakhimov Naval Academy will be taking part in this remarkable festival for the fifth time. I am sure that this experience contributes to the proper worldview among the younger generation.

Fostering the sense of patriotism, love for the Motherland, mutual respect and tolerance are priority areas in the education of the Nakhimov’s cadets. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the “INTERFOLK in Russia” Festival for the opportunity for the cadets of the Nakhimov Naval Academy to take part and perform on the same stage with recognized masters of folk art from all over Russia.

Yours faithfully,

Superintendent of the Nakhimov Naval Academy School,

Rear Admiral A.B. Surov


The residents of the Petrodvortsovy district of St. Petersburg welcomed guests and participants of the First International Folklore Festival «INTERFOLK in Russia” on the stage of the «Cascade» Cultural Center in 2008.

Today we are happy to meet and get to know new creative folk groups from different countries for the tenth time.

Over ten years, the guests from more than 20 countries of the world — Norway, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Mexico and many others — visited the «Cascade» Cultural Center.

“INTERFOLK in Russia” means an expansion of the knowledge of the audience and the participants of the festival about the ethnic and cultural diversity of the world, a greater scope of intercultural interaction.

We hope very much that the festival will continue to promote better understanding, solidarity and tolerance among ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic groups and nations.

This holiday has always demonstrated harmony in diversity.

We are grateful to all teams and their leaders who agreed to take part in the festival and demonstrate their art, to introduce the traditions, rituals, dances and songs of their native land to us and, of course, get acquainted with the culture of the peoples of other countries and various parts of Russia.

Director of St. Petersburg «Cascade» State Cultural Center

I.G. Romanovskaya



I cordially welcome all participants and guests of the 10th International Folklore Festival «INTERFOLK IN RUSSIA».

The spirit of unity and mutual understanding, born at the festival ten years ago, allowed it to become a true greeting card of the cultural life of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, a significant contribution to the preservation and promotion of Russia’s cultural heritage, and the development of international humanitarian cooperation.

Creative collectives, performers, artists who have come to the festival from different regions of Russia and abroad carefully preserving and representing the beauty and spirituality of remarkable traditions, rituals, songs and dances are the true bearers of traditional culture.

The representatives of peoples with unique history, rich culture and original traditions will meet again at the different venues of the festival.

Let the festival develop, expanding the geography of participants, enriching itself with new themes and creative solutions, and invariably serving the ideals of rapprochement of peoples, attracting more and more friends to their ranks.

I wish you all happy new friends, bright impressions, inexhaustible inspiration and good mood.

Director of «House of Folk Art»

Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation

A.G. Ryzhov